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How Can I Help?

SCIENTISTS TELL US that of all the spring-fed river systems in Florida, the Ichetucknee may be the easiest to restore. That's great news! But first, we must be good leaders and stewards of the river.

The Ichetucknee needs you to be a leader in this effort because:

  • We create the Ichetucknee of tomorrow through the actions we choose to take today.

  • People are connected to the Florida aquifer (our drinking water), to the springs, and by extension, to each other. Aquifer, springs, and people exist within a web of reciprocal relationships. Because our water is a shared resource and a common interest, we must choose our actions wisely.

  • Within Columbia County, people and their homes are the largest water users through public utilities and rural wells.

  • Within Columbia County, agricultural operations are responsible for most of the nitrate pollution.

  • Long-term trends show declines in the levels of the Floridan aquifer and a loss of flow in the Ichetucknee, as well as declines in water quality.

Scroll down to view Suggestions for Individuals, Organizations and Businesses.

The Ichetucknee Alliance has developed the following list of suggestions for you to consider. No one will be able to take all of these actions, but each of us can take some of them. Please consider how you can use your best talents and your current role within your community to be a leader for the Ichetucknee!

  • Don’t buy bottled water. Every drop that’s pumped from the aquifer is one less drop from our springs and rivers. Bonus: You’ll save money!

  • Create a springs-friendly yard at your home or business. Educate yourself about the importance of native landscapes and how they can help to cut back or eliminate the need to irrigate and fertilize: Why Native Landscapes.

  • Cut back on irrigation or find ways to stop irrigating altogether. Download the Springs-Friendly Landscaping Checklist.

  • Reduce the amount of fertilizer you are using or find ways to stop fertilizing. Urban fertilizers contribute to nitrate pollution in our groundwater and in the springs.

  • Reduce your meat consumption. Livestock operations use a lot of water and create nitrate pollution.

  • Get involved with and help to support a local water advocacy group such as the Ichetucknee Alliance, Our Santa Fe River, the Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute, or the Florida Springs Council.

This list is a work in progress. If you have feedback and/or additions, please email us at

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